Abandoned Puppy Found Coated in Glue and Mud Adopted Into Forever Home

The rescued pup was found with a coat of glue on his fur so thick that he could barely move. In places, the glue had cut off blood circulation.

A healing pup once found coated in glue and mud is proof that miracles happen.

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When Pascal arrived to He’Art of Rescue International in a cardboard box months ago, he barely looked like a dog.

Rescuers said he was found abandoned in an industrial area of Istanbul, Turkey.

The shelter believed a group of kids had covered him in glue and dragged him through the mud for fun.

Pascal, who was only believed to be 4 months old, could barely move. The glue acted as cement, and it was so thick in places that it cut off blood supply.

Both his feet appeared to be broken, and the chemicals from the glue burned his skin in several places. He also suffered from a blood infection.

Despite being in horrible shape, veterinarians were able to shave and peel back the layer of glue, and treat him with medical baths every day.

Within weeks, Pascal was starting to heal. He had a strong appetite and started warming up to shelter workers who were happy to cuddle and spoil him.

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Months later, the pup regrew a new coat of thick fur, and was adopted into a forever home.

In a video from the rescue last month, Pascal could be seen hiking, playing on the beach, and taking long walks with his new owner alongside a canine sibling.

To donate to the recovery of canines like Pascal, visit He'Art of Rescue International's website.

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