Can Kathy Griffin's Career Bounce Back After Trump Photo Controversy?

Howard Kurtz of Fox News said she 'decapitated her career.'

Kathy Griffin is no stranger to controversy, but she may have gone too far with her latest photo shoot that features a beheaded and bloodied Donald Trump.

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Howard Kurtz, the host of Fox News' Media Buzz, called the photo “the worst mistake of her career.”

Kathy Griffin just decapitated her career with this grotesque stunt,” Kurtz exclaimed.

“This is not only the worst mistake of Kathy Griffin’s career, it crossed the line of human decency and I think that she felt that it would be funny because so many other Hollywood celebrities have trashed Donald Trump, sometimes in very offensive ways,” he added. “This took it to a whole new level.”

Following the photo shoot, Griffin was let go from CNN after nine years of hosting their New Year’s Eve specials with Anderson Cooper.

Over the years she's actually been banned from several TV shows, including The View and The Late Show with David Letterman.

After each controversy, Griffin bounced back. But now, it could be different.

“There was such a national wave of revulsion over this on both the left and the right,” Kurtz observed. “I think it is going to stick to her like tar.”

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Griffin has apologized for the photo and photographer Tyler Shields, who took the shots, spoke to paparazzi as he loaded his car with groceries.

“The only thing is, you make art, you got to stand by it,” he said.

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