Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Author Explains How Cup of Joe Can Lead to a Healthier Life

Dr. Bob Arnot is the author of "The Coffee Lover's Diet."

If you're looking to drop some pounds, look no further than your morning java, a new book claims.

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Dr. Bob Arnot, who penned The Coffee Lover's Diet: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life, told Inside Edition that a cup of joe is “the easiest way to change your health.”

He said that when you drink a cup of hot coffee, “you are burning another hundred calories a day and that's significant."

Dr. Arnot added that drinking coffee an hour before exercising is a great way to maximize your workout.

"The coffee gives you the motivation to exercise and it also gives you the fuel and the power,” he said. “It feels easier to exercise, you can go longer, harder and you are going to be taking that weight off.”

But Arnot says the secret is drinking the right kind of coffee, like a light roast, and without milk and sugar. In addition, the coffee must be finely ground.

He recommends four to six cups of coffee a day, saying, “That’s the magic number in terms of health benefits."

He says coffee has also proven effective in preventing heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

“The driving force behind depression and heart disease and so many diseases is inflammation, and this is the ultimate anti-inflammatory drink,” Dr. Arnot claims.

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If you are worried about caffeine overload, he recommends switching to decaf.

“You'll have the health benefits and you won't have the jitters,” he said.

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