24-Year-Old Woman Dies After Plunging 7 Stories From NYC Rooftop During Party

Cameron Perrelli fell to her death while reportedly trying to get from one building to another. Safety expert Craig Hargrove talks to Inside Edition about the dos and don'ts of rooftop safety.

Rooftop parties have great views and a lively outdoor atmosphere, but they can sometimes end in disaster. Cameron Perrelli, 24, plunged seven stories to her death when she reportedly tried to get from one building to another during a birthday party in New York City’s East Village.

Perrelli’s uncle Michael paid respects at the site where his niece died. “It’s not safe for these kids to party on rooftops,” he said.

With Memorial Day coming up and summer just around the corner, the appeal of rooftop parties is likely to grow, especially with many people try to reconnect after a year of isolation. But there are important things to know if you attend a rooftop party.

Craig Hargrove, a rooftop safety expert with Hoffman Architects, says a guard rail should be at least 42 inches high with no signs of corrosion. He added that people should never try to climb over railings.

“It only takes a slip, a chance mishap, and there is no going back from that,” Hargrove said.

He also said that rooftops with no railings are not meant to be public gathering places.

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