Florida Cop Shoves Teen Off Roof as Partner Shouts 'Push Him Off'

Bodycam footage shows one officer push a suspect from a roof as his partner shouts "push him off."

Police mishandled an incident in which an officer shoved an 18-year-old suspect from a roof while his partner shouted "Push him off," authorities said.

The teen, who was accused of taking his girlfriend's car without her permission, had allegedly run from officers who came to question him, according an Internal Affairs report released by Florida's Kissimmee Police Department. 

The man ran onto the roof of a home and bodycam footage shows him sitting on its edge, with his feet dangling about 9 feet above the ground. Officers are heard yelling "Come down" and "You're going to get Tased and you're going to fall, so you better jump."

When the teen didn't jump, Sgt. Anthony Amada, who was on the ground, told Officer Plenio Massiah, who was on the roof behind the suspect, to push him, the report said.

"Push him off the roof. Push him off. Just push him off. Push him," Amada says in the video.

In a statement, the department said the actions taken by the officers should not have happened. The department investigated the incident  and concluded the officers' actions violated department policy and could have resulted in "significant injury," Chief Jeff O'Dell said, according to WFTV.

Massiah was disciplined by being suspended for a day, which he fulfilled by forfeiting a vacation day, police said. Amada later resigned from the department. He would have been fired if he hadn't quit, police said.

The teen was not injured during the encounter, which occurred in March, but is just now being made public.