Vegan Woman Calls Police After Friends at Party Feed Her Chicken Nuggets: Report

A vegan woman says she was fed chicken at party as "a prank."
The woman said she hadn't eaten meat since she was a toddler. Getty

The woman says she was drunk and her friends lied to her about the chicken being vegan.

A vegan woman unleashed a social media frenzy after posting she had called police on friends who gave her chicken nuggets at a party when she was drunk.

The 24-year-old, writing on Reddit under the username "Veganthrowaway," said she had not eaten meat since she was a toddler. But at a recent gathering where she got "white girl wasted," the woman claimed her friends gave her chicken nuggets, saying they were vegan.

"They tasted off to me, but I figured it was just because I was drunk. I was wrong," she wrote.

The day after the party, the woman said her sister informed her that video of her eating the chicken was on Snapchat, posted by friends who mocked her and then pretended to be her finding out she had eaten meat. 

The woman recorded the video and took it to police, she said. "Now three of my (ex) friends are facing charges" of food tampering, she wrote.

Tens of thousands responded to her post, most of them positive.

"Friends don't get to decide whose dietary requirements are preferences and which are necessities," wrote one poster. "They had no way of knowing that she wouldn't have a bad reaction to being fed chicken., and it's a s***** way to mock someone's deeply held held beliefs."

Others thought the woman went too far.

"I'm Hindu and don't eat any meat. I wouldn't press charges if I was in the same situation. I would cut them off and all that, but pressing charges is just too f****** much ... they don't deserve to have their lives destroyed," read another post.

"Don't be friends with them," wrote another person, "but Jesus Christ, the police? That's pretty pathetic."