Amid Spate of Road Rage Incidents, How to Keep Your Cool in the Car During July 4 Weekend

It's a seemingly endless display of aggression on the roads.

Road rage is the ever-present danger that haunts our highways.

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A record number of drivers will hit the roads and highways this July 4 holiday, so it's a good time to remind everyone how to stay cool behind the wheel.

“There are three situations that really set other drivers off,” Robert Sinclair of AAA told Inside Edition. “Driving too slowly, tailgating or cutting someone off. It can happen innocently but you need to be mindful of those situations and avoid them.”

Experts say you should avoid eye contact.

Sinclair has an easy-to-remember rhyme for anyone who feels threatened.

"Don't engage to avoid the rage,” is the phrase.

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Do not interact with the person to avoid escalating the situation.

“If someone is being aggressive, they're following you, they're cutting you off, don't go home. You might feel that's a place of refuge and safety but you don't want to let these people know where you live,” he said. “If it really gets bad, know where the local police station is and go there or call 911 and get the help of the police.”

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