Kind-Hearted Cop Dances With Elderly Hurricane Irma Evacuee to Ease Her Nerves

The woman had been evacuated to a shelter.

A kind Florida police officer wanted to cheer up a distraught elderly woman evacuated from her assisted living facility by Hurricane Irma, so he whipped out his dance moves.

Deputy James Froelich, 41, was working at Osceola Council on Aging Barney E. Veal Center, which opened its doors as a shelter during the storm, when he noticed an elderly lady, identified only as Pat, who was worried about the storm.

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“She was having a hard time," Froelich told "She looked really sad. I said, ‘What would put a smile on your face?’ and she said, ‘How about a dance?’

"So I stood up with her and started to dance.”

In a video captured of the special moment, Froelich danced and sang “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” by Frank Sinatra with Pat, who is in her 80s. The tender moment brought a smile to both of their faces.

“I felt great; I was able to help someone else out and make someone else feel better," Froelich said. “She looked like she was ecstatic. She said it was the best time she had in years."

Pat is staying in the shelter until she can return to her assisted living center. About 150 other evacuees are staying at the shelter.

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Evacuees are not planning on leaving the shelter for a while as there is still major flooding in the area.

“We are here to make sure people stay safe,” Froelich said.

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