27 People Rescued From Floating Ice Broken From Eastern Wisconsin Portion of Green Bay Shore

27 people were rescued from ice chunk floating off Green Bay.27 people were rescued from ice chunk floating off Green Bay.
Brown County Sheriff's Office

After being stranded for 90 minutes, over two dozen people were rescued from ice that had drifted away.

On Saturday morning, a chunk of the frozen Green Bay off of Wisconsin floated away with over two dozen people on it, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office. 

Many of the 27 people rescued were ice fishing when the ice floated away, and all were stranded for about 90 minutes, according to authorities. 

During the rescue, the hunk floated about three-quarters of a mile, ending up about a mile from the shore by the time it was all done, according to CBS News.

Airboats from the Brown County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Coast Guard were able to rescue eight passengers at a time.

According to the sheriff’s office, a barge traveling through the bay might have been the cause for the break.

Sharing photos of the rescue, the sheriff's office wrote, "Happy to report a good ending to this extremely dangerous situation!"

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