28-Year-Old Woman Posed as High School Student to Get Instagram Followers: Cops

Audrey Fransicquini walked into the school with a backpack and a skateboard. Once inside, she allegedly handed out flyers promoting her Instagram account.

The things some people will do for social media. Audrey Fransicquini is accused of posing as a teenager to get into a Florida high school in an effort to get more Instagram followers. The 28-year-old is accused of trespassing, interference with an educational institution, and resisting an officer without violence.

According to prosecutors, Audrey walked into a school in Hialeah with a backpack and a skateboard. Once inside, she allegedly handed out flyers to students promoting her Instagram account.

As expected, the case seemed to baffle the judge on the case. “It says it here, she’s trying to get people to follow her on Instagram,” the judge stated. “First of all, I don’t know how you get in the school. They have a guard at the front; you have to show your ID.”

But according to reports, the proof is in her profile. The now-private page allegedly has a video of her inside the building wearing a distinguishable mask.

A student who attends the school described what happened when Audrey arrived on campus. “She was like, I think, recording some stuff in there, like some crazy stuff, and she had, like, the devil’s mask and everything,” they said.” It’s crazy. It’s very creepy.”

Audrey reportedly also posted video to social media of the moment police tracked her down at home. “I legit don’t know how many cops I have outside of my house,” she reportedly said in the clip.

A judge set bond at $2,000, and Audrey Fransicquini was ordered to stay away from the school, which she promised she would do. 

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