29-Pound Cat Up for Adoption After He Takes Himself for a Walk

The feline had no microchip.

A 29-pound cat will soon be up for adoption after the giant animal was found walking alone down a California street.

A bystander recently turned the cat in to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, and they’ve dubbed the 10-year-old Himalayan cat Chubbs.

Chubbs was in dire need of a grooming and suffering from a deep, painful case of matted hair when he arrived at the facility.

It took staffers several hours to do the job, they said.

Chubbs has taken up residence in a staff office because he’s too large to fit comfortably in a kennel.

“He has a sweet disposition, but his heavy load makes it uncomfortable to move around freely,” staff at the humane society said in a statement.

If no one comes forward to claim the cat, he will be up for adoption by Sunday.