3 People Rescued From Coal Mine After Being Trapped for Days

A fourth person who was initially trapped with them was able to escape and contact authorities.

Three young miners are thanking God after being rescued from a West Virginia coal mine where they were trapped for days.  

Cody Beverly, 21, Kayla Williams, 25, and Erica Treadway, 31, had traveled to the Rock House Powellton mine to look for copper wire, according to reports. They reportedly entered the mine, which is inactive, illegally and became trapped. 

They were rescued after a fourth person who was with them escaped from the mine and sought out help. 

When asked how they survived – especially without food – Beverly told "Good Morning America," “We drank mine water.”

"We had no food," Beverly said. "We just found a stream in the mine and started drinking it, and hoping and praying to God it wasn't contaminated."

There were definitely moments of panic, Williams added, but she said they managed to push through by turning to God. 

Gov. Jim Justice expressed his relief that the three trapped were saved in a statement.

“Many prayers were answered when the one individual exited the mine with information about where the others were located,” he said.

All three were transported to the hospital after the rescue. They have since been released.

"All the effort that everybody put in to get us out, we really appreciate it, and we thank God," Williams said. "We have great families.

"We knew they was going to find us."