Tourists Relive Moment of Panic as Lava Bomb Struck Their Hawaii Tour Boat

In a new video of the shocking moment, screams can be heard as the boat is hit.

Tourists are speaking out after their tour boat was hit by a lava bomb in Hawaii. 
"It was so scary, it was like a firework was shooting at my face," Aaron Welsh told Inside Edition. "I felt like I was going to die."

Will Bryan was also on a boat when the lava bomb plummeted down on them.

"You can see the rock, it looks like glowing charcoal coming right at you, there is just no time to react," Bryan added.

In new video of the nightmare, passengers can be heard screaming on board the Hawaiian tour boat, which took a direct hit.

It took about two hours for the boat to make it back to the marina, where the damage was evident.

Of the more than 50 people aboard the boat, 23 were taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The Kilauea volcano erupted in May, sending numerous lava bombs into the air.

Now tour boats are being told to keep a safe distance away from the eruptions to steer clear of bombardment by lava bombs.