Florida Teen Rescued After Getting Trapped Inside Abandoned Bank Vault

It's not exactly clear how he got inside the vault.

It’s not exactly clear how a Florida teen found himself locked inside the vault of an abandoned bank, but thankfully authorities were able to help him get out. 

The 17-year-old, who has not been named, found himself in the vault of an abandoned Bank of America in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon, CBS Miami reported. 

He had been in the bank with a friend for an unknown reason, the station reported.

Hollywood Fire Rescue and the Broward County Tactical Rescue Unit were called to the scene, police said, and employees at a nearby Bank of America were called in to help.

They cracked the code to the safe and were able to get him out, according to the Hollywood Police Department. 

Police said the teen is now safe and the incident was an accident. 

CBS Miami reported that the teen’s family was “angry” but “happy he was freed.”