3 Sets of Triplets and 18 Sets of Twins Will Graduate From the Same Texas High School

The Memorial High School class consists of over 600 students.

What are the odds? Memorial High School in Houston, Texas, will be graduating three sets of triplets this year. Even stranger is that the same school is also sending off 18 sets of twins at graduation.

"It was unique coming here with all these other kids who were multiples,” says Alex Bethancourt. His brother Luke Bethancourt adds, “We've seen each other in classes before, and it's kind of special."

The class consists of over 600 students, and these siblings say when they go to college, they’ll miss each other the most. 

"I'm going to miss these two," Alexander Garcia says while talking about siblings Nina and Seth. "We're all very different but coming together today is special, especially at this school,” Seth adds.

For some of these triplets, their college experiences will be the first time they’re away from each other. 

Gaston Elie says about siblings Lauren and Glenn, “We've been with each other for 17 years, and my mom is going to be really sad when we leave." Lauren Elie adds, "I think this year with COVID, our relationship as triplets has changed so much because we're all leaving for college, like, ok, this time is so good for us, especially for our parents too."

According to Glenn Elie, a new future is ahead. “Everything I've experienced now, I've had them two to lean on. But now it's just me on my own"

For now, they’re enjoying the rest of their high school days and, while a little nervous, they’re also excited about what the future holds. 

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