3 Shot in Kansas Over Alleged Stolen President Trump Signs: Report

Trump-Pence lawn signs.
Getty Stock Images

Three people were shot in Kansas over the weekend as a result of a dispute over political yard signs, The Topeka-Capital Journal reported.  The incident took place late Saturday after a man allegedly confronted people he thought had committed past thefts of signs promoting the campaign of President Donald Trump, according to a Topeka police supervisor reported the newspaper. 

Police were not identifying who was thought to have shot whom or revealing the names, ages or genders of those who were wounded. However, one person was taken by ambulance to the hospital with gunshot wounds considered potentially life-threatening, police said. 

Two other alleged victims suffering from gunshot wounds arrived at the hospital on their own. The seriousness of their injuries was not clear, Lt. Joe Perry told the Journal.

Police said an investigation into the incident is ongoing and that no arrests have been made. They did not specify on which side of the conflict the shooter and victims were, reported The Hill.

In the meantime, the Justice Department has been bracing for possible violence, including civil unrest, on Election Day. They are planning to station officials in a command center at FBI headquarters to coordinate the federal response to any disturbances or other problems with voting that may arise across the country, officials familiar with the matter said, the Washington Post reported


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