Inside a Members-Only Doomsday Ranch Where Some Plan to Wait Out Election Night

Fortitude Ranch food stockpile
Getty images

Some people are planning to wait out election night in a members-only doomsday ranch in anticipation of what the founder called "possible post-election violence."

There’s been plenty of speculation that election night may be a long one, as ballot counting for the expected record turnout may take some time. But some are also planning to wait out the election inside a so-called doomsday shelter founded by a former Air Force intelligence officer.

“We are activating for the election because of possible post-election violence,” Drew Miller, founder of Fortitude Ranch, told Inside Edition.

Accommodations range from luxury rooms to economy class. You can also take refuge underground, where essential items such as rice, beans and flour are stored for those who believe that doomsday is right around the corner. Also in the stockpile are weapons and ammunition.

“The weapons here are our weapons — staff weapons. But all of our members are encouraged to stockpile weapons,” Miller said.

The ranch is located in two secret locations in southern Colorado and West Virginia. A yearly membership fee starts at $1,000 per person and provides ten days at any of the ranch locations.

Should there be a national crisis, all members are allowed to stay for the duration. Miller said if everyone decided to come to the ranches at the same time, there is plenty of room to accommodate them.