3 US Soldiers Seek Help to Bring Home Puppies They Rescued Overseas

Paws of War
Paws of War

The soldiers plan to bring the rescued dogs back home to their families with the help of Paws of War in an effort to give them loving homes.

Three overseas U.S. soldiers found stray puppies on the road near their base and decided they wanted to take them home. 

The dogs were hungry and cold, so the soldiers — Pfc. AJ, Sgt. Johns, and Spc. Miley — took them in to feed them and keep them warm, according to People, The soldiers each adopted a puppy, naming them Strawberry, Luna Moon, and Duchess. 

The three want to send the pups back home to their families so they can stay safe and loved. Thanks to Paws of War and generosity from donors, the pups will be on their way soon. 

Paws of War is a nonprofit organization that supports soldiers and the animals they find while overseas. It can be complicated and costly to move an animal to another country, and that is where Paws of War steps in. 

"Duchess is hopefully going to be my son's birthday present in a few weeks," Spc. Miley shared in Paws of War's press release. 

"He already knows about Duchess and is counting down the days until he can play with her. Duchess is going to be an amazing birthday gift for him, and being able to keep her safe by relocating her back home is an amazing gift for me."

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