300 Chicago Couples Collectively Renew Their Vows for 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

Two gold rings laying on top of each other on a wooden surfaceTwo gold rings laying on top of each other on a wooden surface
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Almost 300 couples who got married in 1972 came together at Holy Name Cathedral to renew their vows.

Almost 300 Chicago couples gathered at a church on Sunday to collectively renew their vows after 50 years of marriage.

The ceremony was held at Holy Name Cathedral in celebration of their golden wedding anniversaries, according to local ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich had nothing but positive words for the couples whose relationships all began in 1972, using a baseball analogy to support his message shared on Holy Name Cathedral's YouTube page. 

"Two thousand, six hundred and thirty two. Those are the number of games Carl Ripkin Jr. played in a consecutive row," the cardinal said. 

"And he was honored for that as a man who always showed up."

Cupich said that 50 years of marriage "involves more than 18,000 days," which he said is worth being proud of.

Carl Meyer, one of the husbands, told WLS-TV that he was "very emotional" as he reminisced on five decades with his wife, Joyce, "and all the experiences together."

"We brought my parents here when they celebrated their 50th," his wife added. "I always remember that and now we're there, which is hard to believe."

According to outlets WLS-TV and WABI 5, each of the couples has a different secret on how to keep a marriage alive for five decades.

Jim McLemore said to “never go to bed angry," according to local station WABI 5.

According to the outlet, his wife, Pat, said they may not be lucky at cards, but they are “always lucky in love."  

Cynthia Morales said even if it is negative, you have to communicate to your partner, according to WABI 5.

“You can’t read each other’s minds, you have to communicate,” she said.

One wife, Adrienne Michele, mentioned a sense of humor being vital. Her husband, Dino, chimed in saying, "I learned one thing. She's always right,” according to the WLS-TV.

"You are the people who since the day that you promised to be true to each other, in good times and bad and in sickness and in health, promising yourself and God, and you have showed up each and every day," the cardinal said.

"That is worth celebrating," he added.

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