Daredevil Puts A New Spin On Skydiving | Inside Edition

Daredevil Puts A New Spin On Skydiving

INSIDE EDITION talks to the man who jumps out of airplanes and flies through the sky in a kayak!

It's called skyacking. Skydiving in a kayak. A daredevil floats, spins and flies through the air. But why would anyone skydive in a kayak? It all started when a friend asked Miles Daisher to do it for a movie.

"I thought about it and I'm like, you're strapped in. It works. It's one of those things that you can figure out and make happen," said Daisher.

And yes, it is as difficult as it looks. Miles showed us how he keeps his balance at 13,000 feet in the air. If he gets stuck upside down, he's in trouble.

"It's not a fun thing when you pull your legs out of a kayak at 120 miles per hour in the air. You lose a little bit of skin on your shins," said Daisher.

He flies back and forth through the air just like he's floating on water. But how does he land? Still in the kayak on water! Miles wife Nikki, the mother of his 3 children, supports his dangerous invention but admits, "I wouldn't be sad if he quit."

Miles has no intention of quitting, but INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd just had to ask one more time, "Why did you decide to jump out of plane in a kayak?"

Daisher replied, "Why not?"