3rd-Grade Class Gets Mistake in Workbook Changed

The students were determined to be heard by the publisher.
CBS News

The class voted to send a letter to the publisher.

Children are the future rang true when a third-grade class took action to get an error in one of their workbooks changed.

Students at Valley View Elementary School in Oneonta, New York, took notice when one of their workbooks, by publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, stated that “Christopher Columbus landed in America.”

"They immediately protested because they knew that Columbus didn't land in the United States of America, he landed in the Caribbean islands," their teacher, Ken Sider, told CBS News.

The class voted to send a letter to the publisher to get the information changed, a decision Sider said was all the students' idea. 

The kids sent three letters to the publisher about the issue, but after they said they received no response, they started an online petition. 

After garnering more than 1,200 signatures, the petition eventually received the publisher’s attention. The company agreed to change the wording in the next edition of the workbook to “Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean.”

"I think if you're a kid, just keep pushing to do something incredible," Landon, a third grader, CBS News. "If it's hard, just keep pushing, keep pushing and if somebody says you can't do it, just prove them wrong."