Couple Transforms Children With Special Needs Into Superheroes With Free Photo Shoots

A Texas couple transforms children with special needs into superheroes with photography.
Endersby Photography

With the help of costumes and photography, a Texas couple makes children’s superhero dreams come true.

A Texas couple is helping children with special needs fulfill their dreams with special photo shoots.

In April, Nicole and Scott Endersby began the #EndersbysHeroes sessions, in which they photograph children with special needs for free, transforming them into their favorite superheroes. 

Nicole and Scott have three children, two of whom have autism, and their love of superheroes inspired them to begin the project, they said.

“To us, they are the true heroes in everyday life,” Scott told “We wanted to bring more awareness to the special needs community and we also wanted to create a sense of community support through our photography sessions.”

As a perk, the kids get to keep their costumes at the end of the photo shoot. 

“We have seen a lot of smiles, excitement, joy and a sense of acceptance," Scott said. “It’s been a great joy to us personally to see all the kids' personalities shine through their becoming their favorite hero.”

The photos are even going to become their own movie posters. Scott said the images will be blown up and featured at a sensory-friendly viewing of "Toy Story 4" that they are planning to host later in June at a local theater. 

The couple said they hope to have at least two photo session events each year and will post dates on their Facebook page for people to join.