Parents Who Met at Qdoba Do Burrito-Inspired Photo Shoot for Their Newborn

The parents met at Qdoba.
Jessica O'Brien

Jessica O’Brien, 36, started working as a manager at the restaurant chain and it changed her life.

A couple who met Qdoba celebrated the birth of their first child together with a burrito-inspired newborn photo shoot.

Jessica O’Brien, 36, started working as a manager at the restaurant chain in Milwaukee last year after working at McDonald’s for several years. On her first day of work, she met her future husband, Joshua Schuster. 

“He started coming in each day and I had asked the other employees if he was a regular and they said ‘no’ so I thought it was odd he suddenly started coming daily, sometimes twice,” O’Brien told

A week later, he asked her out. She initially declined because with three kids of her own she didn’t think she had time to date. Schuster was persistent, however, and continued to ask. 

“I told him if he goes online and filled out our survey for each visit he had and says how great his visit was, I would think about going on a date with him,” she said. 

And so he did, wearing O'Brien down in the process.

She finally decided to track him down on Facebook based on the information on the survey and agree to go on a date. Now, a year later, they welcomed their first bundle of joy together, Sebastian. 

To celebrate, they wanted to commemorate how they first met, wrapping Sebastian up like a burrito for his first photo shoot. They even used the foil from Qdoba for it. 

O’Brien’s sister, who shot the photos, also made the burrito blanket herself. The photos were shared by Qdoba and went viral.

“We absolutely plan to tell Sebastian about his 15 minutes of fame when he’s older,” O’Brien joked. “We have his picture hanging up now, so I’m sure he’ll eventually ask what that’s all about.”

One thing is for sure: O’Brien is glad she accepted the job at Qdoba.

“Had I not taken the job I would never have met him," she said. "We wanted to incorporate Qdoba since that’s where we began.”