4-Year-Old Boy Reported Missing Found Dead in His Utah Home, Police Say

4-year-old Kache Wallis found dead in Utah home.
Hurricane City Police Department

Hurricane police and the medical examiner’s office are now investigating.

What happened to 4-year-old Kache Wallis?

Described as a “fun-loving free-spirited little boy,” Wallis was last seen on Saturday night when he was put into his bed in his home in Hurricane, Utah, about 290 miles away from Salt Lake City, the Hurricane City Police Department said, the New York Post reported. 

Hours later Wallis was found deceased in the home, authorities said 

Before the boy was found, multiple agencies including the Hurricane Valley Fire Department and Washington County Search and Rescue participated in the search, the Hurricane Police said in a news release. 

The Hurricane City police and the medical examiner’s office are now investigating. No other details have yet been provided.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kache Wallis at this difficult time,” the department said. 

Family members and people in the community paid their respects when the heartbreaking news was posted on Facebook.

“Oh my gosh seriously how heartbreaking I've been praying for this little boy so so sad,” wrote one person. 

One loved one wrote, “Kache was so loved in this family. Our hearts are breaking at the moment as an entire family. This was a tragedy and the outcome is not what any of us wanted."

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