Trump Threatens to Sue Miss USA Contestant

Donald Trump has given Miss Pennsylvania 24 hours to apologize about her comments that the Miss USA pageant was rigged. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The clock is ticking for the Miss USA contestant who charged the pageant was rigged.

Pageant owner, Donald Trump, said he's giving Miss Pennsylvania 24 hours to apologize or else he's suing.

Trump stated, "I think what she did is disgraceful, but all this is is loser's remorse."

Sheena Monnin ignited the uproar by claiming the top five contestants were determined before Sunday's live TV broadcast.

"I knew the show must be rigged," she wrote on Facebook.

Outside their home in a Pittsburgh suburb, Monnin's father said, "She'll be making a statement when she's ready to make a statement, and that's not at this point in time."

So who is the beauty queen who's taken on Donald Trump?

Sheena Monnin is 27-years-old, she lists her political views as Conservative, her favorite bible verse is John 3:16, the same as America's favorite athlete, Tim Tebow.

But Monnin also has a sassy side. She has a red porsche, a 16th birthday present from her parents.

She said she tried for seven long years to make it into the Miss USA pageant.

In an interview, Monnin stated that "There were people in my life who were there for me and told me—in love—Sheena you need to work on these areas, or, Sheena, you need to lose 5 pounds. I appreciate all that."