4th Student Dies After Michigan School Shooting, 15-Year-Old Suspect Charged as Adult

Ethan Crumbley was arraigned Wednesday on four counts of murder. The 15-year-old is being charged as an adult.

Another student has died from their injuries in Tuesday’s school shooting in Michigan, bringing the death toll to four. 

Meanwhile, the young suspect has been charged with terrorism and first-degree murder. Although he is 15 years old, he is being charged as an adult. Ethan Crumbley was arraigned Wednesday on four counts of murder. 

His father reportedly bought the gun used in the shootings — a 9mm Sig Sauer — just last Friday. The teen posted a photo of the weapon with the caption, “Just got my new beauty today.”

Student Isaac Fantich was in class at Oxford High School outside Detroit with the suspect the morning of the shooting. He said that Crumbley often looked “depressed.”

A classroom of students are being praised today for their quick thinking in the midst of the school shooting, when somebody tried to persuade the students to open the door.

“Sheriff's office! It's safe to come out,” the person said.

But the savvy kids didn’t buy it.

“We're not taking that risk right now,” one student said.

“OK. Well, come to the door and look at my badge, bro,” the person behind the door said. But once they heard the word “bro,” they believed it was the shooter.

The students fled out a window and rushed across a courtyard to safety.

But Sheriff Michael Bouchard said it wasn't the school shooter behind the door.  

“More than likely, it was one of our plainclothes detectives. And he may have been talking ‘bro’ in a conversational manner to try to bring them down from the crisis. The suspect never knocked on a door,” Bouchard said.

Security expert Bill Stanton, author of “Prepared Not Scared,” says the kids did the right thing.

“They asked the right questions. They listened, and they made their threat assessment. And they listened to their instinct. And they evaded potential danger,” said Stanton. 

Police say they disarmed the 15-year-old suspect within five minutes. But four students, including 16-year-old Tate Myre, 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwyn and 14-year-old Hanna St. Juliana, were killed. 

Myre, a football player, died a hero, trying to disarm the shooter.

Seven others were injured in the shooting.

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