6 Teens Injured in Drive-By Shooting at Colorado High School

Police Siren.
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All of the injured are expected to survive, and authorities are still investigating the shooting.

Six teenagers were injured in a drive-by shooting at a Denver high school earlier this week, authorities said.

The teen, who ranged in age 14 to 18, all attend Aurora Central High School in Aurora, but it’s not clear what led to the shootings. All the teens are expected to live.

Detectives are investigating the case and viewing surveillance footage from the scene and have asked bystanders to share videos and pictures from the scene to help identify suspects who haven’t been apprehended, the Associated Press reported.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said everyone should be “outraged” by what happened.

“There is a violence crisis across the nation right now, and so I think we all need to pay attention,” Wilson said.

Three of the students were taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado and were in stable condition, the AP reported.

“I work and we pay taxes for these police to be here. I don’t see how this is even happening," Harold McClain, a father of a student at the school, told the AP. “They need more security.”

After the shooting, the school secured the school perimeter and no one was allowed in or out of the building.

Michelle Marin, who lives across the street, told the AP that she never expected something like that would happen at the school

“We have seen some lockdowns but nothing with the caution tape or anything like that,” Marin said.

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