5-Year-Old Girl Bravely Stares Down Bobcat in Yard Until It Retreats

Rian Woodard, 5, was playing outside when a bobcat came into her path. They stared each other down until the animal ran off.

A brave little girl is being credited with staring down a bobcat in her yard until it retreated. Rian Woodard, 5, was playing outside in Colorado when the animal chased a rabbit and ran straight into Rian on her Big Wheel.

Rian didn’t even flinch, facing down the bobcat for over 20 seconds before it ran off. Only then did Rian run inside to tell her mom what just happened.

“She wasn’t even scared when she came in. She kind of came in nonchalant and said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to play outside because there's a bobcat out there,’” Nicole Woodard said.

Rian’s brush with danger comes on the heels of another scary encounter with a bobcat in North Carolina, where a woman was attacked by the rabid animal in her driveway before her husband fought it off.

Rian’s parents have nicknamed their daughter “the bobcat whisperer.”

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