Rescuers Save Bobcat Trapped in Car's Grill for More Than an Hour — and 50 Miles

A woman accidentally hit the animal on her way to work.

One bobcat has something to be grateful for after it was rescued from the grill of a car on Thanksgiving. 

A woman was driving to work in Richmond, Va., Thursday morning when she hit something in the road. It wasn’t until she parked her SVU, however, that she discovered a bobcat lodged in the grill of her Prius and called for help. 

The animal had survived a nearly 50-mile, hour-long journey while stuck.

“Now, I will tell you, we get calls that are very far from reality at times, but when our Officer Barbara Jones arrived on scene — to her surprise — the call was real,” Christie Chipps Peters, the director of Richmond Animal Care & Control, told

Peters said that when they arrived to the "unbelievable scene, the animal hissed at them.

“I just took a deep breath and prepared for the rescue,” Peters said. 

“We used a stick pole to sedate so we only had to physically get within 4 feet of the car," Peters said. "Once sedated, we were able to remove the cat quite easily. The only thing holding it up was a wire and a small piece of plastic.”

The cat was taken to Wildlife Center of Virginia for an exam. Once she recovers, they will release the bobcat back into the wild.

“It was a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving — thankful we were able to save such a beautiful animal.”