500 Horses Seen Galloping for Their Lives as Training Facility Falls Victim to California Wildfires

The horses were released after the stables went up in flames.

It was total chaos as 500 terrified thoroughbreds stampeded for their lives when flames of the disastrous California wildfire hit a popular horse training facility in San Diego County. 

The horses took off as the stables went up in flames. 

One brave worker desperately coaxed the frightened animals to safety but was then overwhelmed by smoke. 

In the confusion, horses ran in all different directions as trainers did their best to corral them. Some of the workers were nearly run over during the dangerous stampede. 

Most of the horses were evacuated, but there are reports that 25 were killed in the inferno. 

And they're not the only equines fleeing for their lives in Southern California. In Los Angeles, a horse escaped flames by running along the highway as a vehicle guided it to a safer location.

The ferocious wind-whipped wildfires have burned more than 500 structures. More than 200,000 people have evacuated the area.

Dramatic video shows a homeowner caught in a huge fire retardant drop. The bright powder showered down from a plane above, turning the man's driveway red.

Despite the mess, the homeowner is grateful, knowing the thick coating will help protect his property.

Meanwhile, a couple who lost their home in Ventura County has found a glimmer of hope.

Donna and Mike McKendry were forced to flee Monday night and lost everything. However, when sifting through the rubble, they found her mother’s ring, which she says has brought comfort during such a difficult time. 

“As I started digging through the ashes, it was one of the first things I found," she said. "I was just shocked and happy."

"I was so happy for her because that was all she was thinking about," Mike added. "I got to save what's left of my mom."