$6 Million Raised on GoFundMe in 1 Day to Rescue Afghans Targeted by Taliban

"You all have contributed to leading the charge for good. For human decency. For changing the world for the better," the GoFundMe organizers said in a statement.

A crowdsourcing campaign posted on GoFundMe to try and raise $550,000 to rescue Afghans targeted by the Taliban this week exceeded its goal nearly 12 times over in a single day.

New York internet meme artist Quentin Quarantino’s GoFundMe campaign kicked off Wednesday in hopes of raising $550,000. It managed to do that in just two hours, and by the end of the day, more than $6 million had been raised.

On Thursday, Quarantino took to Instagram to showcase his gratitude and released a statement saying he has “hope for humanity.”

He said he is working with humanitarian organizations to try and rescue Afghans at risk of being targeted by the Taliban.

“Afghan men and women who have worked as human rights lawyers, champions of Women’s and LGBTQ rights, journalists, government liaisons, artists, and interpreters - all of whom are at imminent risk of being executed by the Taliban, along with their families. We will be taking full family units,” the GoFundMe page said.

Since they have raised so much money in the crowdfunding campaign, they can now make more than the two to three initial runs to rescue Afghan people.

This week, Taliban forces also allegedly fired guns into the air at the airport, sending people running.

Many Afghans fear the return of Taliban rule and that the group’s interpretation of Islamic law will severely curtail the rights of women and girls especially.

Protesters in several Afghan cities have marched in the streets. They marked Afghan’s 1919 independence from British rule and also voiced their opposition to Taliban rule.

Fear and uncertainty continue in Afghanistan as the Taliban tries to solidify its control of the country. President Joe Biden has said U.S. forces will remain in the country beyond his Aug. 31 deadline if needed.

As Taliban fighters took control of Kabul last weekend, a U.S. Marine managed to get his Afghan translator out of the country.

Major Thomas Schueman told Inside Edition he used his military connections to direct the interpreter, known only as “Zak,” to the airport gate, where he and his family were whisked away.

“Zak not only was he a skilled linguist, but he demonstrated heroism, courage, bravery, above and beyond the call of a translator, on multiple occasions,” Schueman said.

Earlier in the week, a little girl was spotted getting handed over a wall to an American soldier.

The scene was captured at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, where crowds of Afghans are attempting to leave the country in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

A woman was also seen making it over the wall with the help of soldiers.

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