6 Siblings of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Urge Voters to Back Opponent in Wild Political Ad

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Thanksgiving should be interesting for the Gosar clan.

Siblings of Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar have launched a very public, very powerful ad advising voters in the upcoming midterm election to choose their brother's opponent, Democrat David Brill.

Six of the incumbent's siblings are seen in a new TV ad, appearing one after one to declare "Paul" is bad for Arizona. But they are presented as just ordinary residents. It opens with "Grace, rural physician," declaring "Paul Gosar the congressman isn't doing anything to support rural America."

She is followed by "David, lawyer," who states, "Paul's absolutely not working for his district." And so it goes, until all six have denounced the Republican candidate, only to announce they are the brothers and sisters of the incumbent. 

Gosar's mom, however, has remained loyal to Paul, tweeting, "Paul has done a hell of a job for Arizona and they love him." 

He said his siblings are upset with him because he is a supporter of President Trump. 

Sister Jennifer has not spoken to her mother about Paul's political life. She added that she hasn't spoken to Paul in eight years.

"I am trying to be respectful of how difficult this must be for her,' the daughter said.

Asked by Inside Edition if she had any message for her brother, she replied, "Yes. Resign."


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