6-Year-Old Boy Who Saved Sister in Dog Attack Greeted by Superheroes During Recovery

The family remembers the aftermath of the horrific ordeal and the kindness from the boy's favorite superheroes who cheered him up while he recovered.

Bridger Walker needed 90 stitches after saving his sister from a vicious dog attack. Now, the family is recounting the aftermath of the horrific ordeal and the kindness from the boy's favorite real-life superheroes who cheered him up while he recovered.

The attack happened when he and his 4-year-old sister, Brielle, were playing in a friend's backyard. Suddenly, a German Shepherd mix lunged at them, first targeting the little girl. Without missing a beat, Bridger jumped in. The dog dug its teeth right into Bridger's cheek, leaving a large gash.

"Bridger said, 'I stepped in front so that Brielle couldn't get bit and I yelled for her to run,'" his dad Robert told Inside Edition. "And I said, 'Why'd you do that buddy?' and he says, 'Dad, if somebody had to die I'd rather it be me.' He meant it." 

After the attack, the 6-year-old’s aunt took to social media, tagging the actors that play Bridger’s favorite superheroes in a post that went viral.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, sent Bridger an authentic shield. He even got a call from ‘Spider-Man’ star Tom Holland, who confirmed that there would be a third Spider-Man film, and invited Bridger’s family to set. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth also sent their will wishes.

"What could have been a really terrible, emotional thing was turned into really a manifestation of love and hope and the goodness of humanity," mom Teila Walker told Inside Edition. 

Bridger and Brielle have always been close, but now they share an unbreakable bond. 

"I think she recognized and appreciates his sacrifice for her," Teila said.