6-Year-Old Girl Steals the Show at Choir Concert: 'That Is Her Total Personality'

Loren Patterson, 6, rocks church choir performance.

Sometimes, when the spirit moves, a girl's just gotta dance.

Six-year-old Loren Patterson, standing in the second row of a Tennessee church group, just couldn't contain herself while singing Zach Williams' "Old Church Choir."

Grinning from ear to ear, Loren threw her head back, clapped her hands, kicked her legs and did a little shimmy as a member of the congregation captured her enthusiasm on cell phone video. 

The footage went viral, naturally. But the intensity of Loren's performance, and the response it generated, is truly stunning.

As of Tuesday, the video had been viewed more than 40 million times.

Mom Jennifer Patterson, a child welfare worker, said she is flabbergasted at all the attention, and all those people looking at her daughter.

"I work for children's protective services, so it's a little overwhelming," she told InsideEdition.com Tuesday, laughing. 

But Loren's glee is nothing new to her family.

"She is 100 percent herself all the time," her mom said. "That is her total personality."

Jennifer was onstage, singing with the adult choir, so she couldn't see what Loren was doing in the kid's choir. A fellow congregant sent her his cell phone video, and she cracked up.

She saw worshippers smiling and laughing, she said, but just thought they were reacting to the song, not her eldest daughter.

"Loren is like this all time," her mom said. "She just loves the Lord and she's not afraid to express it. She sings and dances all the time. That's just who she is."

Loren's 3-year-old sister, Adelyn, keeps up. "She says Loren's her best friend," their mother said. "She'll dance and jump around." But Adelyn is a little more reserved. She hangs back.

Not Loren. "She'll come up to you in a crowd and say 'Hi, I'm Loren. What's your name?'''

Sometimes that makes her mother's heart skip, because of what the mother sees in her child welfare position.

"I just try to keep an eye on her all the time," she said. "I'm pretty protective of her."

But she doesn't want to be too cautious, Jennifer said.

"I don't want her to lose that zeal. That's just her and I want her to hang on to it," the mother said. Other kids, "the ones who around her all the time, they're pretty used to her."

During the choir performance, the other kids stood dutifully on the stage risers, looking straight ahead while Loren danced in her ruffled pink blouse and brown dirndl skirt.

The only other movement appeared to come from a little boy in the front row who first used his hand to wipe his runny nose and then dragged the sleeve of his Sunday dress shirt across his upper lip.