April Fools' Pranks Hit the Airwaves

America woke up to some surprising April Fools' Day pranks on TV and INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some of the best.

It was a marriage proposal live on network television, but the prospective bride didn't look very happy. As seconds tick agonizingly by, she wasn't saying 'yes.'

"Can we turn off the camera?" asked the prospective bride.

"It's live baby. You're parents are watching," said the prospective groom.

The most embarrassing proposal ever was actually an April Fools prank by the Today show.

Good Morning America also couldn't resist the lure of April Fools' with Lara Spencer reporting, "A California scientist knocking down the walls between the species making it possible for our correspondent to talk with a gorilla."

Reporter Nick Watt claimed he learned gorilla language to land the first interview with a gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo.

"I asked him what his favorite color is," said Watt. "Black."

Later in the show came the admission when Watt reported, "Grrr! Which means April, and grrrr, which means Fools."

And there was pandimonium on the set of The Talk when 60-year-old Sharon Osbourne announced she is pregnant by in vitro fertilization. But minutes later, she revealed it was all an April Fools' joke.

Even the White House got in act, alerting Twitter followers to this special message from the president, which turned out to be an April Fools' gag with a kid president, 9-year-old comedian Robbie Novak.