63 Horses Flown Almost 6,000 Miles From Chicago to Istanbul

For the long flight, the horses were housed in 21 specially designed stables.

It took a team of caretakers and Turkish Airlines staff to safely transport 63 horses from Chicago, Illinois, to their new home 6,000 miles away in Istanbul, Turkey. 

The humans who traveled with the horses had to be certified by the International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulation, which sets standards for transporting live animals by commercial airlines. 

In-flight grooms were there to give hay and water and be on standby in case of an emergency. 

For the 10-plus-hour flight, these horses were housed in 21 specially designed stables. They featured anti-slip flooring because, according to veterinarians, horses are not sedated before a flight since they need to remain awake enough to balance on all four legs.

According to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, horses that travel on planes should have at least two to three days of rest once they arrive.

An international flight for a human can be expensive, so how much would this cost for a horse? Horse Racing Sense estimates overseas travel for a horse can average from $8,000 to $30,000 each.

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