Wild Horses Rescued in Arizona After Falling into Canal

“They were struggling, and looked like they may drown," a rescuer said.

Two wild horses risked drowning in an Arizona canal if it hadn’t been for the heroism of local rescuers.

A crew of utility workers spotted the two wild female horses — a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old — in the Mesa canal Sunday night.

When it was clear they had troubles getting out, horse rescue volunteers and the Mesa Fire Technical Rescue Crew were called in to help.

"They were struggling, and looked like they may drown," said battalion chief Steve Richards to KPHO. "Time was of the essence."

Using what they called their "cowboy" skills, the rescue team was able to first rope in the mare, before sending someone into the canal to rope in the filly.

The horses are now resting at the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group’s rescue facility.

"They’re doing quite well," said rescuer David Stallings. “The youngster’s got some cuts on her hooves and stuff from the thrashing on the concrete but for the trauma they went through, they’re doing remarkably well.”

According to Stallings, more than 90 volunteers helped make the rescue successful.

"Absolutely ecstatic we got to save a life — two lives," he said.