Cancer Takes Another Family Member From Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie's aunt, Debbie Martin died of cancer at age 61. Martin is the latest member of Jolie's family to succumb to cancer.

Angelina Jolie has been hit with yet another blow. This time, her beloved aunt has lost her battle with breast cancer.

Debbie Martin died Sunday at age 61. She was the younger sister of Angelina's late mother, Marcheline.

Debbie's husband, Ron said, "My dearest friend, lover and pal, my wife has passed. Debbie and I were both very proud of Angelina's recent decision to have the double mastectomy and to do everything she can to keep her family from having to go through what we've been through."

Angelina has lost almost every member of her mother's side of her family to cancer. Her grandmother and grandfather, her uncle, her mother, Marcheline and now her aunt.

Bill Day was Marcheline's boyfriend for 12 years. He filmed a video of Debbie just last month and revealed that her health issues may have inspired Angelina to have a double mastectomy.

"Angelina's family has been decimated by cancer," Day told INSIDE EDITION. "Debbie, who's this unknown figure in this story, is kind of the unsung hero. She was really the first one to do preventative surgery in the family. She had a complete hysterectomy and then after that she developed breast cancer."

Angelina is also expected to get a hysterectomy to fight the family curse that has claimed yet another of her loved ones.