Jesse James Wants Name-Calling Kept Out of Court

Jesse James is being sued by a clothing company and has reportedly requested that the judge keep name-calling terms like "Nazi" and "Most hated man in America" out of the trial. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Jesse James says he doesn't want to be referred to as a "Nazi" anymore.

INSIDE EDITION obtained court documents in which James is asking a judge to keep what he calls irrelevant information out of an upcoming trial, including the term "Nazi" and that infamous photo of him doing the Nazi salute.

Jesse is being sued by a clothing company after a business partnership went bad. He's also telling the judge he doesn't want other words like "skin head," "cheater" and the phrase "most hated man in America" to be used at the trial.

Jesse says his personal life should be off limits and asked the judge to also keep any photos of Sandra Bullock out of the trial.