76-Year-Old Man Rescued From Ohio Grain Bin After Being Trapped for 5 Hours

Grain bins
An elderly farm worker became trapped for hours in a grain bin, officials said.Getty/Stock

A 76-year-old man was rescued in Ohio after falling into a grain bin and being trapped for five hours, authorities said.

A 76-year-old Ohio farm worker fell into a grain bin and was stuck for five hours as firefighters scrambled to get him out, authorities said.

The man had been checking a 30,000-bushel storage structure for leaks when he tumbled in.

Wilmington Fire Department rescuers found him in chest-high corn, and poked holes in the massive metal container to relieve pressure and stop the man from falling any farther, authorities said. 

Firefighters were eventually able to pull him to safety at the Sabina farm where he worked.

The employee, who was not identified, was treated at the scene.

The senior man appeared to be fine, fire officials said.

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