'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Are Ready For Their Close-Up

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the stars of E!'s new reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills as they say it is not easy having it all.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret sat down with the cast of E!'s newest reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. They drive luxury cars, spend their days on shopping sprees, and attend lavish parties.

Moret asked, “Are any of you worried? You are about to launch the show and you know people are going to talk and some of it is going to be mean.”

The cast members said, “Yeah, really mean.”

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These rich kids want everyone to know its not as easy as it looks having it all.

One of the cast members said, “I think right now there is a stigma against wealthy kids and wealthy young people.”
Rich Kids debuts Sunday night on E!