How To Get The Lowest Price When You Shop

Shopping guru Teri Gault shows INSIDE EDITION how you can get the lowest price for almost anything you buy.

Grab your wallet and get ready to go shopping!  We're about to teach you the secrets to never paying full price again.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander went shopping with Teri Gault, CEO of  Some call Gault a shopping expert. We say, she's a buying expert.

Gault asked one salesperson, "Can you give me a better price on this? Can you give me a discount of any kind on this? Because I like it."

Gault is always laughing and joking with the salespeople. Her first tip: Be nice!  Make them want to help you!

Gault refuses to pay full price for just about everything. So the moment the salesman hesitated, we took off in search of a manager, who Gault asked, "I was wondering if you can give me a discount on this price?"

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"I can give you ten percent off," said the manager.

"Really? That would be awsome," said Gault.

And just like that, we've saved $7.

Alexander said, "Well that went well. Ten percent right off the bat."

Gault says, "We love that. It's really simple and you can tell that she wasn't offended.  She seemed really happy to give it to us."

Teri Gault haggles everywhere for everything, and to prove it, we stopped in at a fancy wine store. Who knew you could haggle for wine?

Gault asked, "If I get six bottles of that can I get a discount on it?"

"We'll do a case discount, twelve bottles," said the clerk.

"Are you the manager?" asked Gault.

"I am not, no," replied the clerk.

"Do you mind if I talk to your manager?" she asked.

And there's tip #2. Always ask for a manager when the sales staff won't budge.

The manager told Gault, "Yeah, we'll give you the ten percent off."

"You will?"

"Yea," confirmed the manager.

"Oh, that's so nice," said Gault.

We just saved $9 on our wine. But we'll save more at our next stop at a furniture store where everything is already on sale. The salesman wouldn't budge on price. So Gault tried another angle.

"Could you not charge me the delivery?" she asked.

"Delivery's a flat fee. We charge it no matter what you get," said the salesperson.

So, they decide to leave the store. But as they headed for the door, the salesperson offered free delivery, saving $110. And $350 in free fabric protection that they didn't even ask for. That's $460!  

So tip number three? Be patient. The best deal may not be offered until they see you walking out of the store.  

Alexander asked, "When you walked away, were you surprised that he stopped you?"

"No, I wasn't," she said.

Next, it was Megan Alexander's turn to try out everything she had just learned from Teri Gault. So they headed over to a high-end department store where prices are, well, a bit pricey. Lord and Taylor.

They searched carefully and found a Ralph Lauren handbag already marked down twenty five percent.  

Gault pointed out, "See, there's a little bit of a scratch there."

The slight imperfection they found on it was something that could be fixed with a dab of shoe polish.  Could Alexander get an even better deal because of the scratch? Gault figured it was worth another ten percent off.  Well, you won't believe what happened next.

Alexander told the salesperson, "Great bag! I love it. I know it's already on sale, but I notice that there's some damage right there. So I was wondering if you can give more of a discount?"

"Twenty percent," said the salesperson.

Can you believe it? Alexander just got another twenty percent off the bag for a whopping savings of $42.

So here's another tip: You don't ask, you don't get. Don't be shy. Just get out there and haggle, because all added up. On their one day shopping spree they saved a grand total of $518 dollars!

Alexander told Gault, "Teri, literally every store we went into, when we asked, we got a discount."

"We sure did," said Gault.

"I will never look at shopping the same way again," confirmed Alexander.