8-Foot Python Pops Out of Toilet While Unsuspecting Man is Sitting on It

Burmese python, close up, overhead view, studio shot - stock photo.Burmese python, close up, overhead view, studio shot - stock photo.
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A Thailand man gets the fright of his life when a python emerges from his toilet while he was sitting on it before a firefighter is called to pull the animal out.

A man in Thailand was given the shock of his life after a deadly python rose out of his toilet — while he was sitting on it, Newsweek reported.

Somchai, 45, from the Samut Prakan province, was in his bathroom on Sunday when he felt something bump into his bottom. When he stood up to see what had hit him, he saw the head of a snake staring back at him from the toilet bowl, according to Yahoo News UK.

Somchai tried pouring detergent on the animal to scare it away, but he soon fled and called emergency services when the 8-foot serpent refused to budge.

A video of the ordeal captured volunteer firefighter Kaitisak Meesaeng, a member of the responding rescue team, attempting to lure the python out of the toilet.

The skin-crawling footage shows Meesaeng lying on the bathroom floor creeping towards the snake, which had its head poking over the rim of the bowl.

The firefighter moves very slowly in the footage so that he does not scare off the snake and force it to retreat back down into the sewer. Using lightning reflexes, he manages to grab hold of the python with a gloved hand to subdue the animal, before using his other hand to prevent it from slithering back down the u-bend.

"This could have been much worse as pythons are aggressive and will bite people," Meesaeng said.

The clip also shows the snake's successful retrieval from the toilet. Meesaeng holds the snake for the camera, highlighting its enormous length. The snake is then placed into a bag, which was reportedly used to bring the creature safely back into the wild.

For those who might be particularly nervous about finding a snake in their toilet, Somchai's ordeal can act as a reminder to always check the seat before sitting down — you don't know what you might encounter.