Michael Strahan Joining 'Good Morning America'

After the GMA shakeup that Josh Elliott left the show for NBC Sports, Michael Strahan has announced that he will be joining the morning giant. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Its official—Michael Strahan is joining the cast of Good Morning America.

The former football star will appear part-time during GMA’s first hour giving him time to rush over to his job co-hosting Live! with Kelly Ripa at 9 a.m.

Strahan told Kelly Ripa on Wednesday, "What is happening is that it is big news. I am going to be on GMA now. No matter what, this is my number one priority. You are my number one priority!"

Ripa replied, "Aww. We just want to know how many cups of coffee you will need when you get here?"

Strahan is also a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday. It is a combo that will make him one of the busiest TV personalities around.

The move comes on the heels of the announcement earlier this week that news reader Josh Elliot had left GMA to join NBC Sports. Weatherman Sam Champion also left in December to join The Weather Channel.

Gma co-anchor George Stephanapoulos has been the lone man on the set since Elliott's departure.

Lara Spencer joked on GMA, "George, the estrogen is flowing!"

At an event last night promoting the New York Observer newspaper, the buzz on the red carpet were rumors that Elliot is gunning for Matt Lauer's job on the Today show.

Regis Philbin told INSIDE EDITION, "Oh, he is not going to replace Matt Laur. Matt has been there for years."

Donald Trump echoed similar sentiments, saying, "Matt is a very popular guy. He has been there a long time and he can be there as long as he wants."

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