Republican Scott Brown Wins Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat

Some were shocked when Republican Scott Brown won the Senate seat long held by staunch Democrat Ted Kennedy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The country is learning more about the Republican whose historic victory is causing shock waves across the United States.

Scott Brown's picture-perfect family includes a 21-year-old daughter, Ayla. She's a former American Idol semi-finalist from 2006 who performed at her father's victory party on January 19th.

Brown was a typical dad during his speech, joking about his two daughters' romantic status: "Just in case anybody who's watching across the country, yes they're both available...only kidding, Arianna definitely is not available, but Ayla is!" he joked.

Brown's wife Gail Huff, a well-known reporter for WCVB in Boston, was scolding him in the background.

During the campaign, Ayla became known as "Daddy's Pit Bull" for her willingness to go against her father's opponent, Democrat Martha Coakley. Ayla and her sister were featured in a series of campaign ads.

She's clearly comfortable in the spotlight. On American Idol four years ago, Ayla was the last singer eliminated before the final 12 were chosen.

Movie star good looks run in the family. During the campaign, a controversial photo spread surfaced of a then-22-year-old Scott Brown posing nearly nude for Cosmopolitan magazine back in 1982. The magazine named him "America's Sexiest Man."

Democrats are in a state of disbelief over Brown's against-all-odds triumph in the "bluest state" in America. His victory could single-handedly knock President Obama's healthcare agenda off course.

At his first press conference, INSIDE EDITION asked Brown if he has presidential aspirations.

"I've had no sleep right now; I haven’t even been down to Washington yet. I'm just honored to be in this position," he said.

While campaigning for Martha Coakley, President Obama took pot shots at Brown's campaign gimmick of driving around the state in a pickup truck.

At the press conference, the Senator-elect told reporters the truck came up when Obama called to congratulate him: "I had a great conversation with him. I said, 'Well, Mr. President, I want to meet you too, you have a wonderful family, I've always had great respect for your accomplishments, and by the way, do you want me to bring the truck?"