Has Tiger Woods Been Spotted?

Has Tiger Woods been spotted? A photo taken at a rehab facility in Mississippi is believed to be of the star, but there's no way to tell for sure. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A picture taken at the Pine Grove Rehab Center in Mississippi is sparking debate. Is it Tiger Woods? The golfer is reportedly being treated at Pine Grove for sex addiction.  

In the photograph, taken by the National Enquirer, the individual is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, baseball cap, and shorts.

It's believed to be the first photo of Woods since the shocking revelations about his numerous affairs with tons of women.

But is it really him? The face is hard to make out. He's wearing a watch, but it is impossible to be certain it's Woods's favorite Tag Heuer watch.

Woods is reportedly being treated by world renowned sex addiction specialist Dr. Patrick Carnes.

Carnes appeared on the Today show in 2006 to talk about sex addiction.

"For some people it is a problem, a widespread problem, which really just ruins their lives in ways that many people would never be aware of because it's not like it's obvious," he explained.

New York Times contributing writer Benoit Denizet Lewis says that Tiger is being treated at the facility. "I have a source that confirmed that he is there," Lewis said.

He told The Early Show Tiger's treatment is aimed at changing his attitude towards sex.

"The goal is not lifelong abstinence. The goal for Tiger or for anyone else is not to never have sex again. It's different from alcohol and drugs," Lewis explained.

But some experts believe Tiger may not be a sex addict and is in rehab to treat his damaged image.

"Is it possible that all of this talk about Tiger's sex addiction is just part of a more elaborate public relations strategy?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"It is certainly the case that many celebrities, I believe, have used sex addiction as a way to kind of excuse their behavior, as a way to get public sympathy, and it is possible, although we don't know, that in fact that is the case with Tiger Woods," says psychiatrist Laura Berman.

Now one of Tiger's ex-girlfriends is also questioning whether he's a real sex addict, saying he's more like a pig than a tiger.

31-year old Cori Rist, appearing on Italian TV show Chiambretti Night, said, "I don't think [Tiger] is sick. He's just a pig." 

The National Enquirer claims that Woods entered the rehab facility on December 30th, 2009.