Teen Model Mauled by Dog

A beautiful young girl with dreams of becoming a model is wondering what happened to her after she says a neighbor's dog brutally attacked her in the face. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She was a beautiful 14-year-old model with a bright future.  Now, she looks totally different after a neighbor's dog brutally attacked her.

Schylar Eisensmith needed more than 60 stitches to close bite wounds to her lip and mouth.

Her father made a dramatic call to 911:

Caller: "My daughter just got her face bit off by a dog."

911: "How old is your daughter?"

Caller: "She's 14.  I'm fixing to go find this damn dog.  If I have to kill it myself, I will."

Schylar and her best friend, Shelby, were on their way to a friend's house in Anna, Texas, near Dallas.

She showed INSIDE EDITION how she was walking on the sidewalk past a house with a four-and-a-half foot high fence.  In just an instant, she says, a three-year-old boxer named Kane leapt on top of the fence, leaned over and sank his razor-sharp teeth into her face.

"It came out like that and it got me here," Schylar said.

She managed to push the dog away and screamed for help.

"It felt like the dog had basically just bit my lip completely off."

You can still see the trail of blood where the terrified girls ran back to Schylar's house and her shocked mom rushed her to the hospital.

Schylar's mom told us, "3 inches lower, that dog would have gotten her throat."

The eighth grader said she did nothing to provoke the savage mauling.  In fact, her family has three dogs of their own.   

And you won't believe what happened to the dog that bit her.  

Police say that because he never left his backyard during the attack, he'll be released from quarantine and no criminal charges will be filed against his owners.

Schylar's family says the dog's owners never even apologized.

"I'm outraged that they haven't had the common courtesy to see how she's doing," her mom said.

A week after the attack, Schylar had the first stitches removed.

Schylar's doctor said, "It was very bad, it was one of the worst I've seen."

Her doctor, Jeff Angobaldo, says she'll eventually need plastic surgery.  Right now she's in too much pain to even smile.

Schylar still dreams about a modeling career, but now, when she looks in the mirror, she wonders if it's all gone away in one terrifying moment.   

"I think every day, 'why me?'"