A Cop Stopped Traffic to Save a Dog Who'd Been Hit by a Car

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Dashcam video captured the heart-stopping moment a stray dog was mowed down on a highway. 

Officer Joe Puglia of Pinellas Park, Florida, was driving to work in his patrol car when he saw the pup get hit. His dashboard camera shows him stopping and rushing out to help the poor dog, using the vehicle to block the traffic. 

"My heart sank," Puglia told Inside Edition. "He literally just slid and wasn't moving so I thought he was dead."

But the pup miraculously pulled through, suffering only minor cuts and bruises. 

The dog didn't have a microchip or tag and nobody has come forward to claim him, so another city employee, Shannon Coughlin, has adopted him. 

And he has new name: Rosco. 

"In just a weekend, you'd think he and I have been together forever," Coughlin told Inside Edition.


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