Abandoned Stork Adopted by Polish Family Is Now Enjoying a Life of Luxury

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When its own family didn't want it, a stork in Poland found another family that did.

Jan Czesnick and his wife, Alicia, are now the proud parents of the bird after it was rejected by its real parents because it was the weakest in the flock.

The Czesnicks saved the bird earlier this year when it was just a chick.

That might not have been the worst thing. The feathered friend is now living the high life, munching on chicken and fish.

The stork also lounges with its new humans and takes regular bird baths.

Now one thing threatens to tear the stork's new family apart— what to call it.

Alicia wants to call it Friday, because that's the day it was found.

Jan wants to name the bird Krzysztof Piątek, after the Polish soccer star who plays for AC Milan.

The Czesnicks think the stork will stay with them through the winter and may fly the coop after that.

Either way, this family is appreciating the time they've got with their new bundle of joy that delivered itself.


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