Adorable Cow and Pig Share Unique Bond on the British Farm

Both were born underweight, two weeks apart.

A close yet unique friendship has formed between a pig and a cow at a popular farm in England. 

Workers at Pennywell Farm have to keep a close eye on their 14-week-old miniature pig, Mr. Sparkles, as he constantly sneaks over to be with his cow pal, Dainty, according to SWNS.

Dainty, a 12-week-old Hereford calf, got her name from the fact that she was born underweight, a characteristic she shares with Mr. Sparkles. 

The baby pig was having trouble sleeping until the pair met. The farm's co-owner, Chris Murray, says Mr. Sparkles and Dainty pretty much do everything together. 

"When Dainty goes to sleep, Mr. Sparkles will go and sleep with her,” Murray told SWNS. "They're very happy to eat together too.”

Even when Dainty was born, Murray says Mr. Sparkles was so tiny that he would squeeze under the bars and sneak into the brown cow’s pen, which was right next to his. 

Murray says because pigs are clean, Mr. Sparkles doesn’t contaminate Dainty’s pen and the two are very good friends. 

"Animals really respond to things," he said. "They find having friends entertaining — it's part of animal enrichment."

Adorable pictures show the two grazing and relaxing in the grass together, side by side. 

"It's funny that two small chaps have decided to pair up," Murray told SWNS. "Everyone needs friends, don't they?"